Croeso i Flwyddyn 3 a 4.

Our teacher is Mr Owen.

We have been exploring and researching all about Space this half term.  As well as many other activities, during our exploration of Space we have created models of our Solar System using salt dough, researched a planet of our choice and looked at why we have daytime and night time.


We are very excited to share our work on the Iron Age Celts. We have learnt about different aspects of Celtic life. We were interested in how the Celts made houses, so we decided to research, write instructions and then build our own roundhouse.

We soon found out that Celtic people were masters of their craft and building a roundhouse takes a long time using the wattle and daub technique.


Our wonderful money containers were created because of lots of designing, stitching, gluing and evaluation during this half term. We looked at fastenings, materials, decorations and dimensions.